You get 1 0f Small Front Plate with a Size and Colour Choice


Plate Size Choice:  

           12ins x 4ins

            12ins x 3ins

           13ins x 4ins

            13ins x 3ins

            14ins x 4ins

            14ins x 3ins

             15ins x 3ins

             15ins x 4ins

             15" 1/2ins x 4ins

             16ins x 3ins

             16ins x 4ins

             16"1/2ins x 4ins

            19" 3/4ins x 3" 3/4ins   -  503mm x 95mm


This Plate can be made with the STANDARD Font or with the GERMAN Font.


The Sample Picture with the 60 D reg no. is the Standard font, with the other picture showing all the German font characters.








Small Front Plate Medium No's with a Font, Size and Colour Choice (MH09)

Plate Colour Choice
Plate Size Option
FONT Choice