You get 1 Only Black & White Pressed Motorcycle Plate with a colour and size choice with small  No's.


Sample picture showing plate size 7"ins x 6" 1/2ins


Plate sizes , width x height :    


6" 1/2ins x 6" 1/2ins


7"ins x 6"ins


7"ins x 6" 1/2ins


8"ins x 7"ins


8" 1/2ins x 6" 3/4ins


9"ins x 6" 1/2ins


9"ins x 7"ins


Your Custom size, to between the the sizes given above.


Please give your Custom size with your registration details.




This plate will take 6 full Characters on each line.



Pressed Motorcycle Plate with a Size and Colour Choice with Small No's

Plate Colour Choice
Plate Size Choice